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Oh hey there...

Officially posting my first blog! I figured why not start out with how I got here.

Will I be cut out for this...

I've never been a "school" person. Going to school meant sitting at a desk all day, watching the clock and praying for recess/lunch. The idea of going to college terrified me because that meant 4 more years of not feeling like I belong. So when my sister suggested I try beauty school, I was scared that it would be exactly like regular school and I would fail.

Woah, was I wrong! Suddenly, I'm surrounded by others who learn best hands on. Instead of sitting in a classroom, we were up moving around working on mannequins and each other. For the first time in my life I felt like I belonged and I was actually enjoying going to school.

Me on the left with a couple of my beauty school peeps!

My first salon job right out of beauty school was Sportclips. Coming out of school I was so intimated with the idea of doing color on a daily basis I felt this would be my best option. I even met my husband there (his dad was one of my regulars)! My husband joined the navy and that allowed us to move consistently for the next 8 years.

Being a military wife taught me so much about quickly starting over and building a clientele FAST. I went from struggling to find guests in the first duty station to building a very large clientele in less than 6 months with this last move. Exactly how I did that is so long it will be another blog post. :P

At my first salon job with some of my amazing co-workers!

Over the past few years I decided to really focus on education and bettering myself as a stylist. I started going to any and all classes that I could find. This boosted my confidence as a colorist and helped me become a blonde specialist. I even went further and started focusing on marketing and business classes. Having that knowledge of marketing and business is another way that I was able to build a clientele so quickly.

I choose to go into a suite upon moving to Texas, meaning I have my own personal room inside a larger salon. This was extremely scary at first because I knew one person here in Texas. That first week I had six guests that I had found via Facebook. The second week it grew to 11 and within a couple weeks I now had a two week wait consistently. For perspective, in the past when I have started at a new salon it typically takes roughly 6 months to get to the point I was at in less than 4 weeks. I truly believe that knowing how to market myself was the key to being so busy, that and the confidence I now have after taking so many classes. :)

Hands down the BEST balayage class I've taken! The Business of Balayage is amazing!

So that about wraps it up about how I got to the point I'm at now. One of my new favorite quotes is "what got you here won't get you there" which basically means that getting to this point in my career was a journey but it won't get me to my next point without continuing to grow myself as a stylist and individual. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to continue growing as a person. Whether that be in your career or personal life, always remember to keep reaching for your dreams. :)

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